Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What percentage cacao is your chocolate?

A.  Our conventional chocolate is 63%.  Our organic chocolate, unless specified otherwise, is 66%.  Our Organic, Fair-Trade bars range from 65%-75% cacao.

Q.  Is your chocolate Fair Trade?

A.  Our recently introduced single origin bars are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Q.  How do you keep your chocolates from melting when you ship them to warm climates?

A.  We check the weather in each location prior to shipping.  We add ice packs to shipments when necessary, at no additional charge.  We ship everything via Priority Mail and we time shipments so they will not be scheduled for delivery over the weekend to warm climates.

Q.  You describe your chocolate as being "gluten-free."  Isn't all dark chocolate gluten-free?

A.  Most, if not all dark chocolates are gluten-free in their initial state.  However, the chocolate in some factories may be contaminated with gluten during the processing of cookies, pretzels, etc.  This contamination is then passed on to other products processed with the same equipment and/or the same chocolate.  The only two products that we manufacture which contain gluten, our pretzels and our trailmix bars, are hand-processed separately in order to ensure that all of our other products remain gluten-free.  

Q.  Is all of your chocolate dairy-free?

A.  None of the chocolates on this website, or any of the recipes used for chocolates on this website, use dairy products as an ingredient.  Hence, we consider them to be vegan and dairy-free.  However, as stated in our allergen statement, all of our chocolates are made on equipment previously used to make milk chocolate.  If you have a serious allergy to dairy, please read and consider our allergy statement as you make your purchase decision.





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"This stuff is almost addictive."

- Rick Melner, Portland, OR

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