Please read and consider the following information prior to making your purchase decision with Chocolate Decadence:

All products listed for sale on this website are made in a plant that processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat products, and dairy.  Our chocolates are processed on equipment previously used to process milk chocolate.

 DAIRY:  ALL of our chocolates are manufactured in a facility that manufactures and/or processes milk chocolate.  With minor exceptions, all of our chocolates are manufactured on “shared equipment”, or equipment previously used to process milk chocolate.  Our primary chocolate supplier “flushes” the line with hot cocoa butter (not a dairy product) prior to running dark chocolate on a shared line.  However, they do NOT cleanse and sterilize the equipment after running the milk chocolate.  This may result in trace amounts of dairy being found in our chocolates.

GLUTEN:  Our production facility is not certified gluten-free.  However, the only products we produce that contain gluten are our conventional chocolate-covered pretzels, conventional pretzel bars, organic chocolate covered pretzels, and organic pretzel bars.  When we process these products, we remove chocolate from our central supply and process them in a separate part of the factory to prevent gluten contamination. Excess chocolate from that process is discarded and NOT re-combined with the regular chocolate supply.  Our gluten-free pretzels are processed in the main chocolate production line.  

SOY:  ALL of our chocolates use soy lecithin as an emulsifier.  In addition, we use soy milk and/or margarine in many of our products as a replacement for dairy in order to create our vegan products.  This includes, but is not limited to our peanut butter balls, coconut balls, caramels, and all of our truffles.

NUTS:  We process peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, coconut and other nuts in our facility.  Our chocolates may contain trace amounts of these nuts.   

Eggs:  None of our chocolate products include eggs as an ingredient and we do not process eggs in our facility. 




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"Not only are your chocolates really delicious, but the packaging is very attractive. They're going to make great gifts!"

- Michael Staitman, Olympia, WA

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