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Chocolate Decadence founder, Sam Melsner           

Chocolate Decadence was founded in 1996 in Eugene, Oregon, by Sam Melner, a self-described chocoholic. Sam worked out of a tiny kitchen for 13 years, always striving to discover new recipes to bring the best gluten free decadent chocolate to the vegan community.  

Today, Chocolate Decadence continues the tradition of providing some of the best vegan chocolates available.  We have earned a loyal customer following throughout the United States and Canada.  Our customers truly enjoy the high quality and delicious taste of our products.

Though Sam is no longer with us, we continue to use many of his recipes.  And our commitment to quality has never been greater.

If you are a returning customer, we appreciate your continued support.  If you are a new customer, we welcome you and we hope you enjoy our chocolates as much as all of our other customers do.




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Customer Comments

"Great product! Tastes as good as any chocolate I have ever eaten!"

- Ilona Robinson, Concord, CA

Returning Customers